'Forget Me Not' Healing Circle

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FREE Group Support

Our 'Forget Me Not' Healing Circle is FREE to participants, facilitated by SANDS support providers and available online to those needing support with baby loss. Group numbers are limited and bookings essential. We will contact you prior to the group to ensure suitability.

Recovery and Healing

We encourage you to take the opportunity to meet with others who've also experienced the devastation of pregnancy loss, sharing the experience with people who know what you're going through. This small group environment honors your loss opening up the conversation.

Grief Therapy

Open to anyone residing within Australia who has experienced miscarriage. Grab a cuppa and enjoy a brief meditation, intention setting, facilitated discussion (you have the opportunity to share your story), healing breath work and a relaxing visualisation.


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Forget Me Not Healing Circle

Our aim is to make your group experience relevant to your healing needs. To find out a little more about your journey and allocate the best group for you we ask you to first join me for a 15 minute chat by filling in the form below. I will be in touch in the next day or two, in the meantime take care.