Wellbeing Throughout Your Journey

Fertility Awareness Package $99

100% online, natural and easy. Get the knowledge to take control of your health. Includes evidence-based natural fertility crash course. Learn what to eat and what lab tests to get. Harness powerful new ways to get results, be more fertile and have a healthy pregnancy. Be ready to try again. 

If you’re ready to find out some quick, easy and evidence based ways to become a parent sooner, then get started NOW!

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Holistic Perinatal Wellness Package $497

The parenting path can be hard, no matter where you are in your journey. It can seem like overnight life is turned up-side down. It's important to access support in dealing with overwhelming emotions throughout the natal period. We help you to find a way to restore wellness and get your health back on track.

Our natal care package helps with restore mental, emotional and physical wellness. throughout the natal period.

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Free 'Forget Me Not' Healing Circle

Now is your time to connect with others, heal, reflect, and relax. If you're feeling unsupported or experiencing grief and anxiety, join us to walk through a calming process to connect with others who have experienced baby loss. Share your journey, heal and overcome feelings of being alone.

Our weekly healing circle and guided meditation helps you work through grief and look forward to the future.

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Request a FREE 10 minute Fertility Check

This 10 minute initial conversation is free of charge and enables us to gain an understanding of where you are up to in your fertility journey. It provides an opportunity for you to ask questions about which BUMFertility package is best for you.