Support Throughout The Natal Period

About BUMP

We are a group of perinatal providers dedicated to ensuring 100% natural support and connection to those experiencing challenges throughout the peri and post natal period. We provide holistic care by supporting all three aspects for healing: mental, emotional, and physical.


We provide high quality therapy, incorporating current directions in peri and post natal evidence based practice. Drawing on the work of up-to-date research in health and wellness science, we apply comprehensive assessment to assist people with a range of well being concerns.

Rates & Referral

You do not need a referral to access our support. A concession rate is available after initial program completion for additional consultations. We strive to provide support at financially affordable rates. Specific information on fees can be obtained via the specific program link.

"Supporting the entire network around a woman is central to our philosophy"

"Men, partners and families need support too. We can help"

"We provide the same holistic, integrated, collaborative care for men/partners and family members, as we do for women"

"Eating well, sleeping well and regular exercise have been key to building resilience, physical and mental strength."

"You may not feel like it, but self-care is one of the most beneficial things you can do during times of grief and bereavement"

"Research at Yale university shows that increasing your own well-being takes daily, intentional effort over long periods of time - meaning this 4 week program is a great opportunity"


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