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3 new ways to prepare for pregnancy and beyond.

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#1. Rev Up Baby Making Love Hormones

Perhaps you're thinking what can I do differently to get more spark? Or asking yourself if it's worthwhile still trying?

120 hidden modifiable health factors lower libido and make it difficult to conceive. Having just 1 increases the time it can take to conceive by 1 year and 1 in 5 couples have more than one hidden factor!  My powerful approach helps you discover your hidden factors, pick up the pace and reignite your baby making love hormones. It's your time to be more fertile.

#2. Tap Into Emotional Wellbeing

Be yourself and get support from women like you. Recover, connect and be inspired throughout your journey

A change in your mood or desire can be caused by grief, blocked emotions, energy or toxins. It is a sign your body needs healing. Quickly discover powerful ways to recover, release emotions, restore and re balance. This exciting NEW strategy rapidly restores natural sex drive and dramatically increases your chances of a healthy pregnancy.


#3. Turn Back Time & Reset Your Mojo

Don't let libido decline with age. Heal, cleanse and uplift your energetic body from the inside out and turn back time.

When you're ready to move forward, our brand new approach makes it easier, giving you more mojo and time to start a family. Groundbreaking research proves making strategic, simple 100% natural changes and nurturing your inner self can reverse up to 80% of unexplained infertility and restore natural sex drive. It's your time to be more fertile.

"I promise, getting assessed, improving your diet and nutritional status and following my recommendations is the fastest way to turn back time on reproductive aging and restore libido"

"64% of women with low libido experience fatigue and weight gain - all leading clues to troubles conceiving both naturally and with IVF"

"Thyroid health is a well known cause of low libido in both men and women. Optimal thyroid health is needed for egg and sperm health "

"Harness this powerful way to restore hormonal health and replenish reproductive youth"

"Our straight forward approach to optimizing natural fertility will improve implantation and reduce the risk of early pregnancy loss"

"Reversing the effect of hormonal conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome is proven to increase your chances of conceiving by up to 70% and restore libido"

"Brand new state-of-the-art testing is a powerful tool to reduce hormone problems in both men and women"

"Immune problems trigger accelerated biological reproductive aging and lowered sexual desire. Identifying these triggers is an important step forward to restoring natural fertility"

We use state-of-the-art technology featured in

Who Benefits From BUMP®? 

Women who want to ...

Get their libido back
Quickly reverse premature oocyte aging and restore reproductive health
Discover how to get back on track after IVF or prepare for another cycle
Quickly regulate and restore irregular menstrual and ovulation cycles
Painlessly fix hormonal problems (includes PCOS, fibroids, cysts, thyroid and type 2 diabetes)
Quickly reverse and protect against early menopause and luteal phase defect
Successfully prevent and protect against early pregnancy loss
Easily improve health concerns like autoimmune conditions, endometriosis, digestive conditions and weight problems

Men who want a no-fuss way to ...

Improve erectile problems and restore libido
Reverse premature sperm aging and restore reproductive health
Get back on track after IVF or prepare for another cycle
Increase sperm count & improve morphology issues
Improve health concerns like autoimmune conditions, digestive conditions and weight problems


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