Supporting You Along The Bumpy Road To Parenthood

Thinking About Another Pregnancy?

Perhaps you're thinking what can we do differently? Or asking yourself if it's worthwhile still trying?

It is normal to feel anxious about pregnancy after miscarriage. Our bodies and minds are connected. Preparing your body and discovering hidden causes reduces feelings of fear. My powerful 100% natural approach is the first step you need to feel confident, calm and ready to try again.

Develop Ways to Practice Intuitive Self Care

Intuitive self-care provides effective relief and speeds up your recovery. Make healing changes and get back on track.

We help you to learn what to do to heal yourself before, during and after pregnancy. If you are struggling with upsetting emotions, memories, and anxiety that won’t go away or feeling numb, disconnected, and unable to trust other people after baby loss, it's time to make healing changes.

Turn Back Time After Years of Trying

Don't let unsuccessful pregnancy attempts get you down. Heal, cleanse and uplift your body from the inside out and turn back time.

When you're ready to try again, my supportive brand new evidence-based self-care approach makes your path to parenthood easier. Research proves naturally supporting and nurturing your body and getting the right encouragement can improve fertility by up to 80%.

"Research, published in the journal American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, studied over 650 women who had experienced an early pregnancy loss"

"One in six women experience long-term post-traumatic stress following miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy"

"One month following pregnancy loss, nearly a third of women (29 per cent) suffered post-traumatic stress"

"One month following pregnancy loss, one in four (24 per cent) experienced moderate to severe anxiety"

"One month following pregnancy loss, one in ten (11 per cent) had moderate to severe depression"

"Intuitive self-care practices promoting emotional wellness provide effective relief and speed up your recovery. Make healing changes and move on with your life"

Who Benefits From BUMP®? 

Women who want to ...

Try again after miscarriage
Feel physically recovered and emotionally ready to embark on another pregnancy
Restore fertility after recurrent pregnancy loss
Get their libido back
Quickly reverse premature oocyte aging and restore reproductive health
Discover how to get back on track after IVF or prepare for another cycle
Quickly regulate and restore irregular menstrual and ovulation cycles
Painlessly fix hormonal problems (includes PCOS, fibroids, cysts, thyroid and type 2 diabetes)
Quickly reverse and protect against early menopause and luteal phase defect
Successfully prevent and protect against early pregnancy loss
Easily improve health concerns like autoimmune conditions, endometriosis, digestive conditions and weight problems

Men who want a no-fuss way to ...

Be emotionally ready to support their partner through loss
Improve erectile problems and restore libido
Reverse premature sperm aging and restore reproductive health
Get back on track after IVF or prepare for another cycle
Increase sperm count & improve morphology issues
Improve health concerns like autoimmune conditions, digestive conditions and weight problems


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