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Understanding the emotional hurdles that may arise and learning how others have overcome them can help you remain positive throughout your fertility journey.


After over 2 decades of coaching women TTC, I understand just how beneficial a support group can be at certain points of the infertility experience.  Some of the topics covered in our peer group sessions include feeling lonely and isolated,  I’m having trouble navigating through my medical treatment options & I can’t decide when 'enough is enough'.


This includes when faced with making a difficult decision, when embarking on new parenting options or when dealing with a major loss. Sometimes it's also good to discuss topics like what to do when no one understands & everyone you know is pregnant or has children, or how to keep our relationship alive during the journey.


My BUMPFertility support group webinars are not designed to offer professional counseling or psychological therapy. It is, however, therapeutic to talk with others about an intense experience like infertility. At BUMPFertility, we believe in support, guidance and solutions. Remember we are here to help 100% of the way.

How Do I Join In?

If you are having difficulty trying to conceive or either naturally or with IVF, consider joining my $19.95 per month BUMPFertility Hook Up Webinar subscription as part of my BUMPFertility Quick Start Package.


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