Premium Fertility Package

  • x1 Natural Fertility Evaluation and Report

  • x1 Hormone and Fertility DNA Profile (oestrogen, thyroid, essential fatty acid metabolism, methylation, vitamin D metabolism, neurotransmitter metabolism, antioxidant status)

  • x1 Genetic Detoxification Profile

  • x1 Nutrigenomic Profile & nutritional status assessment

  • x1 Methylation Profile including MTHFR, folate, B12

  • x1 Lab test screening and assessment

    Further recommendations & access to over 1500 other tests including DUTCH hormone testing, semen analysis, allergy, parasitology, microbiome and autoimmune markers

x1 Private Natural Fertility Coaching Session (Virtual or in clinic)

  • expert guidance and support to guide you through environmental toxin, heavy metal and xenoestrogen elimination

PLUS natural strategies to:

  • restore hormone balance to improve fertility
  • optimize egg quality & quantity
  • restore sperm health
  • enhance uterine health to avoid pregnancy loss


Includes everything in the INTRODUCTORY Package $197

If you've tried to do it on your own and are ready to REALLY make a difference, then work with me closely and get ready to have a baby! Here's what you do next .. START NOW!


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