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"Why should a woman only be able to know she’s at risk for something by learning it through multiple miscarriages, or a stillbirth, or infertility for several years?" Piraye Beim Geneticist

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Hormone Testing

Hormone levels and fertility testing can be confusing and overwhelming! Hormones affect a woman’s fertility by ensuring proper ovulation, proper implantation of the embryo in the uterus, and the woman’s capability to carry a pregnancy to term. When any of these hormones are out of balance, infertility can result. Common hormonal abnormalities affecting fertility include low thyroid function, low progesterone and high male hormone levels. These may be triggered by environmental pollutants acting as hormone disruptors. Although fertility hormone testing determines the various levels and presence of a variety of hormones central to reproduction, it doesn't test for the cause of disruption. This is why my BUMPFertility method uses comprehensive natural fertility screening.


Genetic Testing

Are you getting the right natural fertility treatments for your DNA? Unlike carrier screening tests which look at the health risks for a baby, we screen for genetic risk factors related to reproductive conditions that may affect a woman's ability to conceive. There are over 49 genetic variants linked to many diagnosed health conditions that cause fertility issues and stop you conceiving naturally or with IVF. Having the genetic variant and not the diagnosed condition still means you need to tailor your natural fertility treatment to prevent hidden fertility factors triggering the actions of these genes. This is why trying to conceive naturally or with IVF in the past may not have worked for you. When you make the decision to let me help you, you'll discover new ways to transform your fertility.

Bioenergetic Testing

Doesn't it make more sense to have an optimized fertility management plan from the very start? With over 120 variants  influencing mitochondrial bioenergetics, (the energy source for oocyte and spermatoza formation) it's easy to see why it can be harder for some women to get pregnant or why no one can figure out exactly why none of your treatments are working. Genetic variants that are weakly associated with your condition need to be managed correctly. Otherwise, I can guarantee you, variants or hidden fertility factors will trigger Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and prevent mitochondrial bioenergenics. This means your eggs and sperm are at risk of premature aging. My unique method reverses the cause of premature aging, so you can transform your fertility even against the odds.

I struggled for years to have a baby and no one could give me answers. Narelle's approach made so much sense and now as a mother of 2, I can say it works!" MC, 35 years Melb. 

FACT: Standard fertility tests do not test for hidden variables leaving a "fertility gap" between the treatment you receive and the treatment you need. This means even though you may have normal embryos, hormone levels, and a structurally sound uterus, you still may not conceive. Doesn't it make sense to think there's another reason?

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"Statistically by the time you reach the age of 40, you have 6 hidden modifiable variants that are all potential roadblocks to fertility. Most variants are preventable or treatable with diet, functional nutrition and botanical medicine if diagnosed in time. Taking a proactive approach will transform your fertility."

Narelle Stegehuis MHSc. HM
Integrative Natural Fertility Expert

I had suffered from PMS all my life and heading into my 40's it seemed to get worse when I was TTC. My hormone tests all came back normal but it was obvious something was not right. After 18 months & still no baby, I had to get answers fast. Working with Narelle helped me to conceive naturally in just 2 months. CB age 38.

FACT: Hormones fluctuate constantly and pathology reference ranges are based on what suits a average section of the population. Hidden variants or fertility factors can also fluctuate which means unless you test hormones at the precise moment of under/over activity a hidden cause of infertility may go undetected. This is why when you get a complete picture of your fertility you conceive faster.

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"Be part of the next-generation of women's health transforming fertility and reproductive health care through genomics and nature."

Narelle Stegehuis
Integrative Natural Fertility Expert

Get a more complete picture of your fertility and conceive faster

There are over 120 potential roadblocks or 'fertility factors' to conceiving and having a healthy baby. This is why trying to conceive naturally or with IVF in the past may not have worked for you. Sadly, these are not tested for in routine fertility checks. A normal fertile couple has a 20% chance of conceiving each month. Adding just one infertility factor reduces your chance to 5% per month. If two or more infertility factors are present, your chance of conceiving naturally per month may be down to 1% or less. That means statistically, it could take seven years to conceive without help which is not great news if your biological clock is ticking. If you have been trying for six months or more and are over 35 years old, it is a really smart move to seek my help now. When you make the decision and take action to let me help you, you'll gain access to new research  and new ways to get pregnant naturally.


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