'Forget Me Not' Healing Circle

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Group Healing

Our 'Forget Me Not' Healing Circle is limited to 5 participants and available in person or online to support healing and calm. Founder Narelle Stegehuis will walk you through a calming process to strengthen your mind-body connection and prepare you for the next step in your journey.

Post Trauma Recovery

Access weekly group support from trauma-informed holistic practitioners. Embrace holistic therapeutics to break habits like alcohol consumption or comfort eating. Group work provides a weekly holistic healing circle that addresses the mind, body and spirit using a whole person, recovery-oriented approach.

Intuitive Grief Therapy

Open to anyone who has experienced miscarriage, this small group environment honors your loss opening up the conversation. Includes meditation, intention setting, facilitated discussion (you have the opportunity to share your story), healing breath work and a relaxing visualisation.

What Do I Get For $35 per week?

x 1 Weekly Intuitive Grief Coaching group session

Numbers are capped to 5 participants per group and run throughout the week at various times.

Learn Post Pregnancy Loss Recovery Techniques from trauma informed holistic practitioners. Including techniques to reduce grief responses such as anxiety, insomnia, anger, identity change and isolation.

Support Sessions

Postpartum distress is complicated by the process of grief, and sometimes it is hard to make sense of what goes where in this unimaginable puzzle.

Be guided and supported through the recovery process after baby loss. Our approach is transformative and changes the way you see your next pregnancy, relationship and self.

"Over 120 hidden causes lower your chances of conceiving either naturally or with IVF and having a healthy pregnancy. "

"If you really want a baby but can’t conceive, at least one of these factors is at play, interfering with your hormones, delaying your chances of pregnancy. "

"That's why I developed this Premium Natural Fertility Assessment Package. You can stop searching and find solutions fast."

"Specializing in natural fertility for over 20 years, and accredited with the International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine, when you work with me you'll tap into everything I know about how to get pregnant faster and have a healthy baby."

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"61% of couples improve sex hormones and have a baby after completing an accredited Restorative Reproductive Medicine Assessment. Get assessed now if you want this statistic to include you!"


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Forget Me Not Healing Circle

Our aim is to make your group experience relevant to your healing needs. To find out a little more about your journey and allocate the best group for you we ask you to first join me for a 15 minute chat by filling in the form below. I will be in touch in the next day or two, in the meantime take care.