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About Narelle

Narelle Stegehuis is a leading holistic perinatal care clinician, in-demand practitioner, conference speaker, university lecturer and researcher who is eager to share what she knows with her clients and her peers. She is a go-to resource for the media on holistic perinatal care and women’s health.

Our Approach

Integrating evidence-based trauma care practices and natural therapies such as botanical medicine and nutrition, we help those experiencing baby loss to cope better after baby loss. Narelle provides professional guidance and individualised advice alongside emotional support.


Perinatal Care

Narelle is currently researching her PhD and Masters of Social Work. She has a Masters in Health Science Botanical Medicine. Her professional network is extensive inc. Australian Social Workers Association, PSA, SANDS, Pink Elephants, Perinatal Professionals and the Fertility Society of Australia.

"My mission is to inspire, equip and empower women to increase awareness and support throughout their fertility journeys. Increasing their natural fertility and restoring self esteem through support, community and practical mind-body tools."

Narelle Stegehuis MHSc. PhD candidate
Holistic Perinatal Care Clinician

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