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Our Fertility Assessment includes a range of investigations and provides an indication of where you fit within your 'Fertile Zone®' and where you are in your journey to having a family. Recommended if trying to conceive for more than 12 months have experienced baby loss or been diagnosed with a fertility issue.


Preventing Miscarriage

It’s thought that most miscarriages can’t be prevented. Groundbreaking new research is changing this. We apply powerful evidence-based holistic solutions such as plant based medicine, functional nutrition, bioenergetic therapies and trauma based care practices to naturally prevent miscarriage.

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Our private sessions and 'Forget Me Not" group healing circles offer help and support. Worried about your chances of getting pregnant again; or another loss if you do? Maybe you feel ill or drained after a difficult experience or fertility problems? Whatever your feelings, know you are not alone.

"I recently miscarried at 11 weeks. I would dearly love to conceive again but I’m getting conflicting information on how long we should wait"

"Someone said ‘it was only a bunch of cells’ but to my husband and me it was a baby and it was going to be our son or daughter."

"I don’t feel comfortable with friends with new babies. I used to hide away now I just openly say it upsets me and people understand. I guess they don’t know unless you talk."

"Eating well, sleeping well and regular exercise have been key to building resilience, physical and mental strength."

"Everyone tells me how lucky I am to be alive. But I’ve lost my baby and I just feel so empty."

"Everything happened so quickly. I never had time to think about it until after my operation. Once I was discharged from hospital I was left feeling very alone with so many ‘what ifs’ running through my head."

Get Pregnant With Endo

Get Pregnant With PCOS

Problems Ovulating?

"After the miscarriage, I went to my GP. I was feeling flat and anxious but didn't want to go on anti depressants. He suggested natural fertility counseling and I haven't looked back "

"It’s scary to get a positive pregnancy test result now, because I might have to go through the loss and grief all over again. It’s very different from the happiness and excitement I felt in my first pregnancy."

"All the regular tests came back as normal. I was disappointed as I really wanted an answer: ‘Here’s what’s wrong. Take this magic tablet.’ I loved taking a step forward and trying a new approach"

"We test for the BCOM1 gene. This is involved in the metabolism of betacarotene into vitamin A. Vitamin A is important for cell growth and differentiation in organogenesis and embryonic development. It is important for cilia in the fallopian tubes and testes for sperm production. Vitamin A deficiency is associated with infertility and miscarriage"

"It was very difficult managing my anxiety throughout the whole pregnancy. The biggest help was the support of healthcare professionals and, most importantly, my husband. He was so supportive, especially when it came to the night before a scan, when he knew I was at my most anxious. "

"We test for oxidative stress. Genetic variants reduce nutritional factors involved in Q10 metabolism such as NQ01. CoQ10 is important for healthy oocytes and reduction of oxidative stress. We also test for GPX1 involved in the metabolism of glutathione peroxidase. Glutathione is an important antioxidant involved in the elimination of toxins and heavy metals that directly influence reproductive aging."

"We test for Omega-3 fatty acids. The genetic variant FADS is involved in the regulation and unsaturation of fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids support sperm motility and improve uterine artery blood low."

"We test for the genetic variant PEMT associated with phosphatidyl choline production. Choline protects against pre-eclampsia and is important for retinal health in offspring."

"We use the most advanced microbiome DNA test to screen for hidden causes of autoimmunity, metabolic syndrome, hormone imbalance. All evidenced to increase accelerated reproductive aging of egg and sperm. We also test for the genetic variant FUT2. Probiotics during pregnancy, such as Bifidobacterium lactis, are associated with the prevention of eczema in babies and young children"

"We test for genetic variants associated with healthy oestrogen levels such as COMT and CYP1B1. It is important to balance oestrogen for an optimal menstrual cycle that supports conception."

"We test for genetic variations associated with hypothyroid conditions such as the FOXE1 gene. Imbalanced thyroid levels can effect ovulation, egg quality and poor sperm health."

"A fertile couple has only a 20% chance of conceiving each month. Add 1 or more hidden factor like a genetic variant, toxins, heavy metals, health conditions, or sub optimal nutrition & it could take over 7 years to conceive"

"Can you afford to wait? Get Assessed with BUMP NOW!"

How To Improve Egg Quality

How To Improve Sperm Health

How To Improve Implantation

"Over 120 hidden modifiable factors influence your chance of conceiving and having a baby. We guarantee you will not be tested for these in routine fertility assessments. That is why we assess for these at BUMP"

"Everyone is different, but many women say that ectopic pregnancy is a very upsetting and frightening experience, even if they weren’t planning to have a baby."

"When I got pregnant again the usual joy was replaced with a ‘here we go again’ feeling."

"It was very difficult managing my anxiety throughout the whole pregnancy. The biggest help was the support of healthcare professionals and, most importantly, my husband. He was so supportive, especially when it came to the night before a scan, when he knew I was at my most anxious."

"It’s not because we’re not excited or hopeful. It’s because we are, and we’re holding our breath."

"When they told me they couldn’t find a heartbeat, I think my heart stopped too. I was full of the joys being pregnant, only to feel I had been hit by a train head on."


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