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About BUMP

We are a group of perinatal care providers who have a person-centred gentle approach to helping people after baby loss. We work with you to create individualised holistic treatment plans that include natural therapies. Seeing you achieve your goals is what drives our passion.


We provide high quality therapy, incorporating current directions in perinatal evidence based practice. Drawing on the work of up-to-date research in health and wellness science we apply comprehensive assessment to assist people with a range of concerns after baby loss.

Rates & Rebates

A concession rate or bulk billing is also available under certain circumstances after initial program completion. We strive to provide programs at rates that are financially affordable. Specific information on fees can be obtained via the specific program link or by directly contacting the the clinic.

"I recently miscarried at 11 weeks. I would dearly love to conceive again but I’m getting conflicting information on how long we should wait"

"Someone said ‘it was only a bunch of cells’ but to my husband and me it was a baby and it was going to be our son or daughter."

"I don’t feel comfortable with friends with new babies. I used to hide away now I just openly say it upsets me and people understand. I guess they don’t know unless you talk."

"Eating well, sleeping well and regular exercise have been key to building resilience, physical and mental strength."

"Everyone told me how lucky I was to be alive. But I’d lost my baby and I just felt so empty. I found talking about it with Narelle helpful and loved the sound meditations - they helped with my fear and anxiety about trying again. "

"Everything happened so quickly. I never had time to think about it until after my operation. Once I was discharged from hospital I was left feeling very alone with so many ‘what ifs’ running through my head."

"After the miscarriage, I went to my GP. I was feeling flat and anxious but didn't want to go on anti depressants. He suggested natural fertility counselling with Narelle and I haven't looked back "


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