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Screening and Analysis

An unexplained infertility diagnosis leaves you frustrated. What this really means is 'we're leaving it up to you to find the answers'. So where do you go from here?  BUMP® is ground breaking. Our unique Fertility Health Check assesses factors influencing your fertility that are not included in routine fertility checks such as nutrient deficiencies, allergies & toxic load.

Start Finding Answers

If you thought having a baby when you are ready would be easy - you are wrong. When you choose BUMP® you set yourself free from the frustration and pain of searching.  We take take on board the task of finding answers.  With BUMP®, you're investing in your very own 100% natural blueprint of what things you can do differently to get your body baby ready.

100% Natural Solutions

At BUMP®, we understand what you need because we listen.  Getting your body back on track and baby ready is not something you can do by simply reading a book, eating healthy and becoming more active. When you're trying to beat the odds and have a healthy baby, you need professional guidance and personalised support - and this is what we do.

Get Pregnant With Endometriosis

Get Pregnant With PCOS

Problems With Ovulation?

Get Pregnant With Irregular Periods

"You are not the problem, the traditional fertility treatment model is broken. How long will you continue struggling with your fertility health, when you really don't know what your body needs to improve your chances of a successful cycle? How much is not being assessed for toxins and environmental pollutants costing you? Do you really have time to wait?"

Stop Early Pregnancy Loss

How To Improve Egg Quality

How To Improve Sperm Health

Improve Implantation

"A fertile couple has only a 20% chance of conceiving each month. Add 1 or more hidden factor like toxins, heavy metals, health conditions, or sub optimal nutrition & it could take over 7 years to conceive"

IVF After Care And You

Hidden Reasons IVF Can Fail

How To Overcome IVF Failure

How To Get The Best From IVF


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