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We want you to get started on the right path to wellness now. So right after you pay your $99 deposit, you will receive instant access, along with all of the videos, audios, workbooks, downloads, and bonuses with a unique login and password just for you. Start planning, get organized and be ready to go.

Perinatal Care Assessment

We'll arrange access for you to complete your perinatal assessment. Once completed we will contact you and book your first appointment time within 48 hours. We'll provide you instructions on how to submit past lab results if you want Narelle to look over them.


Perinatal Counselling

When we receive your results, you'll attend a series of 4 perinatal natural fertility counseling sessions with Narelle ($497). Self care is absolutely crucial after baby loss. Looking after your well being boosts your self-esteem, helps you feel more confident and reduces waiting time.

Care & Ongoing Support

It's important to us to support you throughout this journey. Additional sessions are available if needed and Medicare rebates may apply. My commitment to you is to ensure you access the right support and encouragement no matter where you are in your journey.

What Do I Get For $497

BUMP® Natural Perinatal Assessment by Narelle Stegehuis, natural fertility expert to screen for hidden modifiable factors influencing your health and reducing your chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

Existing Lab Test Review by Narelle Stegehuis natural fertility expert to ensure you are within peak ranges for wellness and optimal fertility

Referral & Recommendations for additional lab tests to assess sex hormones, reduce pregnancy loss risk and restore wellness

Ongoing Review, Monitoring and Integration of new lab results

BUMP® Natural Fertility Guidance outlining what you need to do to get back on track, restore fertility, try again sooner and reduce pregnancy loss risk.

Ongoing Guidance tailored and targeted including:

- Lab test recommendations and direct referrals

- Monthly reviews to track your cycle and monitor your progress

4 x 45 min Holistic Perinatal Counselling Sessions

Be guided and supported through the recovery process after baby loss. Medicare benefits may apply for up to 10 subsequent sessions.

"Over 120 hidden causes lower your chances of conceiving either naturally or with IVF and having a healthy pregnancy. "

"If you really want a baby but can’t conceive, at least one of these factors is at play, interfering with your hormones, delaying your chances of pregnancy. "

"That's why I developed this Premium Natural Fertility Assessment Package. You can stop searching and find solutions fast."

"Specializing in natural fertility for over 20 years, and accredited with the International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine, when you work with me you'll tap into everything I know about how to get pregnant faster and have a healthy baby."

"Developed to provide a more comprehensive clinical natural fertility evaluation, we utilize exciting new technology to identify hidden DNA SNP's driving hormone problems. This is why this package provides GOLD standard support in natural fertility care."

"61% of couples improve sex hormones and have a baby after completing an accredited Restorative Reproductive Medicine Assessment. Get assessed now if you want this statistic to include you!"

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