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We want you to get started on the right path now. So right after you pay for your $497 program, you'll receive instant access, along with all of the videos, workbooks and downloads, with a unique login and password just for you. Start planning and be ready to go.

Perinatal Self Care Check

Once I receive your appointment request, I'll send you access to a secured online client portal to fill out the intake paperwork before we meet. Once completed you can book your first appointment online via our secure telehealth platform within 48 hours.

Perinatal Care and Support

When we receive your results, you'll attend a series of 4 x45 min weekly perinatal natural care sessions with Narelle ($497) to learn how to get back on track. Self care and support is absolutely crucial after baby loss. Additional sessions are available.

Care & Ongoing Support

It's important to us to support you throughout this journey. Sessions are available via telehealth to assist with every stage in your journey. My commitment to you is to ensure you access the right support to get back on track and feel well again.

What Do I Get For $497

BUMP® Holistic Perinatal Self Care Assessment by Narelle Stegehuis, natural fertility expert to screen for post trauma and hidden modifiable factors influencing your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Existing Lab Test Review by Narelle Stegehuis natural fertility expert to ensure you are within peak ranges for wellness.

Referral & Recommendations for additional lab tests to improve sleep patterns, reduce anxiety, restore energy, mental alertness, hormones and digestive health.

Ongoing Review, Monitoring and Integration of new lab results

BUMP® Natural Fertility Guidance and support to help you to learn to trust your body again, restore self image. Learn how you can could do this, physically and mentally, get pregnant again and carry a baby to term.

Ongoing Guidance tailored and targeted including:

- Lab test recommendations and direct referrals

- Monthly reviews to track your cycle and monitor your progress

4 x 45 min Holistic Perinatal Care & Support Sessions

Be guided and supported through the recovery process after baby loss by holistic perinatal care specialists. Medicare benefits may apply for up to 10 subsequent sessions upon completion of initial program.

"In the midst of pain and grief, 'self care' and 'healing' can feel misplaced, yet it can help you move from simply surviving to living a life in which you are able to balance great sorrow with new hope."

"Holistic self care doesn't mean you leave behind memories or grief of the child you lost. It means you find new ways to honor your love and help manage your sorrow."

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