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After several rounds of fertility treatment, still no luck. I was 28, emotionally exhausted and had mourned & moved on.  After working with Narelle, for just a few months, I fell pregnant naturally. On May 28, 2007, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy, Tane.

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I was heartbroken at the idea of not having children. Three long years later, we had not conceived with or without fertility treatment. I read about Narelle in a chat room & fell pregnant within months. I gave birth to Tahlia Elizabeth Marie on  September 27th 2010.

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After trying to conceive for may years, we had given up hope of ever conceiving. I had read about Narelle and decided it was time to get my health back on track. I still wanted a baby so thought this may work for us. It did. We are now proud parents of one.

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Let Me Introduce You To Tina, Kylie & Tracey

"We had been trying to have a baby for years and were beginning to give up hope of ever becoming parents. I decided to work with Narelle to get things back on track. It worked! We fell pregnant within 3 months "

Karina Hahne

"We had been trying to have a baby for years and had just about given up hope. I stumbled across Narelle in a chatroom and decided that I had nothing to lose. Narelle takes the time to learn about your body and it’s cycle. I live in a small country town 300+ kms from her rooms and was easily able to consult over the phone. She’s absolutely lovely and a great listener. When Narelle put plans in place, I immediately felt my body changing. From these changes Narelle quickly picked up on what was going on and corrected my hormone balance. I was pregnant on the 4th cycle after starting with her. I highly recommend consulting Narelle with any fertility problem and definitely before going down the IVF path."

Vicki Buchanan

Let Me Introduce You To Michelle

"This is a picture of my cheeky boy. He’s already two. Bump fertility has done wonders for me. I had been trying for many years with many attempts through IVF with many disappointments. Every disappointment gets harder and harder. I was about to give up when I found Bump fertility. I followed Narelle’s advice, package and botanical medicine for a little while and decided to give IVF another go. I was in disbelief when my test came back positive. I had a healthy baby boy who is now two. All my credit goes to Narelle for achieving this beautiful boy, first go with IVF after following her advice and program. Narelle is a wonderful lady who listens to you and cares very much and is great in what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking of trying IVF. "


"My fertility journey was long and exhausting. It seemed like a baby was never going to come my way. When I started with Narelle I had pretty much given up hope but thought I'd give it a go. I was surprised how quickly I fell pregnant and now I have the chance of being a mum."

Tracey Parison

"After 8 failed IVF attempts... we tried every method we could think of. 6 years ago now I’ve met Narelle. I was under her care for about a year... and with the combination of a new gynaecologist (for laparoscopy), I actually conceived naturally. Not one... but 2 babies in a row. Thank you Narelle for helping us to achieve our dreams."

Marissa Sorteja

"Narelle at Bump Fertility was a fantastic support and wealth of information. She asked important questions, discussing my cycle, health and nutrition in detail so that she could help me prepare my body for conception. By making a few simple changes to my diet using the provided food tables, along with using the recommended personal herbal tonic and supplements my body was ready. It was only a few months and I was pregnant! Each step of the way through my pregnancy Narelle was there offering guidance and support. The email system made it easy for me to ask questions and she always replied quickly. I was so thankful to Narelle for her help with my first baby I had no hesitation to get her help and support for my second baby. I am blessed to have two amazing children that bring me endless joy every day. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to have a baby to seek the support of Narelle at Bump Fertility. I am successful proof of her hard work and dedication to helping women everywhere "

Michelle Cohen

"IT WORKS!!!Bump fertility helped me conceive within 2 months of taking natural medicines. I am now a mum of 2!"

Nicole Bray

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