Cold Body Temperature? Perhaps Your Uterus Is Too Cold To Conceive?

In ancient herbal medicine, a cause of infertility was due to low body temperature or stagnation. This also ties into the concept of 'yin and yang' and the balance between them.

Yang energy is the warming energy of the body and herbs to bring warmth include cinnamon and ginger. This warmth fuels warmth and movement of blood and energy and catalyzes biological processes, like ovulation and implantation.

The luteal phase of your cycle is considered the yang phase. When you are tracking your cycle, this is when progesterone rises and causes an increase in body temperature to support the implantation of a fertilized embryo.

If your body temperature is cold your uterus will be a little chilly and need warming up to improve blood flow. Otherwise,  old stagnant dead blood cells accumulate which can block healthy flow and/or cause masses to form.

Without enough warmth in the uterus, your follicles may not ripen to their fullest. Even if the follicle is able to reach maturation, it may not be able to ovulate properly without the warming energy to create a healthy pregnancy.

Signs you may be yang deficient:

  • Feeling cold easily & cold hands and feet
  • Cold abdomen & weak digestion
  • Low BBT temperatures & hypothyroidism
  • Frequent dilute urination, especially at night
  • Spotting before your period & short luteal phase
  • Low back pain with your ovulation and/or period
  • Menstrual cramps that feel better with heat
  • Habitual miscarriage & infertility
  • Delayed ovulation or anovulation
  • Ovarian cysts

So keep warm and support your 'yang' if you want a healthy pregnancy.

3 ways to warm your yang energy:

  1. Keep your feet warm
  2. Eat soups and stews & drink tea with warming spices
  3. Use castor oil packs over your uterus regularly

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