How To Recover After IVF

Keeping a sense of hope and believing that better things are coming is so important when you are trying to conceive either naturally or with IVF.

We know this, and we know you know this, but sometimes it's easier said than done when the journey has been so hard. That's why, when we open conversations about how to recover physically after IVF, be more fertile if you want to start the process again, and how to avoid the top mistakes when trying to conceive, we also need to consider that most importantly, it's also your time to heal.

How to start the healing process

After several cycles of IVF, your body has absorbed many little pills and hundreds of shots and although these play a vital role in the success of IVF, they may also contain heavy metals and other pollutants linked to health problems. What's important to remember is most women commence IVF with an existing bioaccumulated toxic burden of heavy metals like cadmium, lead and mercury (to name just a few) from past birth control use, seafood consumption, air pollution and household exposure which is linked to poor egg retrieval, chromosomal abnormalities, and low implantation rates.

Removing these pollutants effectively can be essential to the success of your next cycle, whether that be another round of IVF or naturally.

When eliminating heavy metals and environmental pollutants, it's important to be tested and assessed before implementing an advanced heavy metal and pollution detox protocol. The good news is, with the right guidance and support you can bounce back feeling better than ever.

“I didn't know I could be this strong and there is hope with every exciting or difficult step.”

The effects of environmental pollutants on fertility

What's important to remember is to see each cycle as a step forward towards finding out what's stopping you. Environmental pollutants like heavy metals, and endocrine disruptors (EDC's) like BPA, have a direct influence on both your and your partner's fertility.

The 'National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals' which is a global research project (updated 2019), identified over 125 different environmental pollutants in a study of women across the globe that influence reproductive health, with mercury, lead, cadmium and endocrine disrupting chemicals like BPA's being listed amongst the highest levels across the globe. What this means for you is, it is no longer a question of 'IF' you've been exposed, but more so, "what is your 'toxic load'?

And I bet you have never considered this as an area to work on or improve before your next cycle? Truth is, most women don't, which is ok as it's not common knowledge. But now you do, it's time to do something NOW as it's not too late!

This is why one of the first steps for you to take to move forward is to complete an environmental pollution Fertility Health Check.  Once you receive your report you find out what testing you may need, the potential risk level of individual heavy metals and environmental pollutants and most importantly everything you need to know about how to remove these toxins before starting another cycle. This can be a pivotal step in your journey by giving your body the best opportunity to become strong, nourished and ready to conceive.

Healing the symptoms post IVF

Something many women notice after IVF cycles are symptoms like bloating, constipation, loose stools or wind. These can be in part due to hormonal changes or other biological changes that occur after a cycle. This is because some of the medications used throughout the process alter your digestive flora (microbiome) or create a build-up of toxins that trigger autoimmune responses, inflammation, and digestive dysbiosis.

It's not uncommon for women to experience fatigue, problems sleeping and emotional exhaustion after IVF or pregnancy loss and signs that this may be happening to include anxiety, difficulty sleeping and a lack of enthusiasm for life in general.  Although these experiences are not uncommon, you don't need to suffer in silence. there are many ways we can work to better manage both the physical and emotional side of fertility.

It's so important to healing your body after an unsuccessful pregnancy attempt. It opens the door for new beginnings and better things to come. New strategies that start with advanced environmental fertility assessments, then lead into metal and pollutant detoxification and incorporate natural support like visualization, mindfulness and functional nutrition, can quickly help to get things back on track.

Why taking two steps back before the next leap forward is so powerful

What's important to know is, rushing into things with simple detox methods like sauna's, juicing and basic nutritional or herbal supplements are in many instance ineffective and in some instances can be counterproductive; although you may remove some pollutants like those easily excreted from the body, you won't remove heavy metals that have a long toxin 'half-life'. This is because each pollutant or heavy metal needs what we call a specific 'chelating' agent, to bind to the toxin or pollutant and carry it out of the body. Without this, they stay happily stored in reproductive tissue and other body organs and are a number one hidden cause of unexplained fertility problems.

Hope & healing can be learned and a conscious choice.

There is no doubt your body changes throughout the process of trying to conceive process. Even changes in body weight and shape can contribute to a sense of disconnection with your self.

The good news is, have confidence, be inspired and be as excited as I am for you. I developed the BUMPFertility method to be a powerful, proven system that works through an individualized approach to replenish and heal the body post unsuccessful pregnancy or IVF cycles and aid you to achieve your best fertility health prior to beginning the process again.

If you've ever tried to conceive and been told you can't then it's time to be inspired and empowered. Developed to nurture you after IVF, BUMP® guides & supports, you to restore your health, sense of self, happiness, and well-being so you're on the right path to parenthood.

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BUMP® is a proven system that works particularly well for those when IVF has failed.

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