Natural Ways To get Pregnant With PCOS and Bump Fertility

Hi, my name is Tina Lucas from Queensland. After failing IVF several times and struggling to get pregnant naturally, we finally did conceive with PCOS.  Our story goes like this.

My husband Tim and I always knew we wanted children, so when we married in 2004, we thought the next step was to start a family. After our first year anniversary, I had my contraceptive implant removed, and after several months, I noticed things weren't quite right with my body.

In July 2006, after a year of trying to conceive, and many tests later, we found the answer - my GP diagnosed me with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder) and informed me that my chances of conceiving were going to be low.

I was heartbroken at the idea of not being able to have children, but my fertility specialist assured us that I would respond well to fertility treatment. That month I started taking medication to induce ovulation and help with my weight.

Three long years later, we still had not conceived with or without fertility treatment. I had read about BUMP® Fertility in a chat room and decided to give it a go since there was so much positive feedback and it made sense.

Having my fertility profile done by Narelle really helped to put things into perspective and the strategy that she set for me was great. I followed the recommendations provided by the team at BUMP® and within months my weight had returned to a healthy range and my cycle became regular. I felt better than ever. I guess making the changes really helped to get my body baby ready.

I fell pregnant within months. I gave birth to BUMP® baby Tahlia Elizabeth Marie at 9.29am September 27th, 2010.

Cute BabyMy specialist recommends BUMP® Fertility to all his patients both before they start IVF and during their treatment because it really does dramatically increase your odds of falling pregnant and maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

Taking a solution based approach to my fertility really made the difference and I have never looked back!

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