Hormones After IVF

Hormone happiness is so important when you are trying to conceive either naturally or with IVF. The challenge is, hormones play a role in emotional turmoil after each IVF cycle and can leave you feeling exhausted and drained.  You can listen to my podcast here ...

 Beyond bruising and swelling, the side effect that most women complain about is mood swings. Many women feel fine until day 5 of their injection schedule, but their mood and energy shifted on day 6. This is when anxiety can set in leaving you tearful and nervous about everything. Even trying to figure out what to wear can leave you worrying for hours.

It's not really a feeling of unhappiness for most women but the mood swings can be horrific, going from laughing to crying in seconds.

To cope, it's helpful to try mindfulness and nutrients for mood regulation like vitamin B6.  It helps regulate the nervous system and can prevent or reduce feelings of anxiety, fear, nervousness, restlessness and irritability. B vitamins are critical for energy production within the body, as well as mood regulation. Pyridoxine [vitamin B6] helps manufacture neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, which aid in the body’s ability to cope with depression, stress and anxiety.

It's important to remember to give yourself a break. The hormonal rush won't last forever and the best way to keep your mood stable is to rest. After IVF, you can support your body more with gentle herbs and other supportive nutirents that will help to restore balance to your cycle and support your nervous system. What's important to remember is to give your body time to heal.

Hope & healing can be learned and a conscious choice.

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