Heavy Metal Testing For Fertility

Heavy metals are part of our modern environment and have a direct influence on both male and female fertility. Industrial pollution, modern technology, and consumer goods are the route of exposure for most individuals. Our bodies can normally handle small dosages of these metals but larger doses are very serious stress on the body and are a leading cause of failed IVF cycles and unexplained infertility.

It is impossible to completely avoid exposure to toxic metals as they are found in the air we breathe, food and many other sources. This is why it is important to learn how to manage them correctly and also how to find new ways to reduce exposure through healthy lifestyle choices.

The key way to manage these to improve fertility is to improve your ability to detoxify and eliminate these metals. When the liver, kidneys, and gut are healthy and functioning optimally they can eliminate most of these poisons.

Heavy metals can compound health problems and deepen fertility problems if there are pre-existing health challenges. These include leaky gut syndrome, liver damage, chronic infections, elevated mental/emotional stress, trauma and/or injury, blood sugar imbalances and micronutrient deficiencies. These issues can both contribute too heavy metal toxicity or be caused by the damaging effects of heavy metal toxicity.

There are many ways people have used to test for heavy metals. Most commonly are blood, hair and urine analysis. The problem is, not all heavy metals are released into the hair (especially if you have methylation problems) to you will get what we call a false negative reading. At BUMPFertility we prefer to use urine testing as we find in most instances this is considered the best way to access for heavy metals is with a pre and post provoked urine challenge.

How can Narelle help?

Navigating unexplained infertility alone can be both isolating and confusing, particularly when undertaking IVF. Your BUMPFertility Health Check can provide you with the necessary support to pinpoint the issue and work on correcting it.

Managing unexplained infertility problems and failed IVF cycles on your own is difficult. So why not let me do the work for you! My BUMP Health Check assesses & manages infertility, addressing the ROOT CAUSE. Providing the foundation for producing high quality eggs & sperm it also corrects hormone imbalance & restores fertility. BUMP® is a proven system that works particularly well for those when IVF has failed.

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BUMP® is a proven system that works particularly well for those when IVF has failed.

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