How To Improve Your Fertility Naturally After 40

I was almost 40 before we met and we both wanted children desperately. I really needed to know how I could improve my fertility naturally after 40. I had never tried to become pregnant before and thought that I had probably already waited too long. After six months I went to a fertility clinic because it seemed like the proper thing to do. My tests came back and they were poor. AMH was low and I had an ultrasound. I still remember the Dr's words "you better start trying now as your chances are low".  She said I could try IVF but it was unlikely I would even get past the first stage of producing enough viable eggs.

Searching on the net one night, I found BUMP® fertility and decided to start straight away. Prior to this, my periods were erratic and I was ovulating but very rarely. I was convinced that I wouldn't be able to start IVF because I had already stopped menstruating.

After two months on BUMP®, my period started to become normal and I started to produce cervical fluids. The scariest thing is my libido came back!

Then after 3 cycles, my period was late. I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I remember coming out of the bathroom with tears in my eyes. I was so emotional and over the moon.

I recall reading the testimonials of many other women who thought they would never get pregnant and they did; all I kept thinking was WOW that's amazing. Still, silently I had a tinge of jealousy and would always feel a little flat.

My one tip to you is to not take NO for an answer. Try BUMP. I am convinced that it made a difference to me and I wish you luck. Kylie Kingdon.


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