Advanced Food and Chemical Sensitivity Test

Leaky gut syndrome and food sensitivities are at the root of many major health conditions linked to unexplained infertility. Food allergies and food sensitivities (or food intolerances) are two types of food sensitivities that can be very destructive to the body and cause IVF to fail.

Food intolerances can often lead to elevated levels of whole-body inflammation that can cause poor egg and sperm quality and other reasons for IVF failure. Many people go through their lives without ever understanding how food intolerances can lead to these fertility challenges. They never suspect that the food they are eating every day is silently blocking their fertility and their doctors never advise them to look at how they are responding to their diet.

 At BUMPFertility, I recommend all of my clients to begin on a completely gluten-free diet as gluten has been well-established to cause gut inflammation and lowered fertility as it sets the stage for the leaky gut syndrome. Once the gut is inflamed and bad microorganisms take the locus of control, the mucosal membrane gets worn down and the gut becomes permeable.

Gut permeability allows food particles to cross into the bloodstream partially digested. This causes the immune system to react by creating specific antibodies to these undigested food particles. This results in food sensitivities and chronic inflammation in the body which is a well-evidenced cause of unexplained infertility.

How can Narelle help?

Navigating unexplained infertility alone can be both isolating and confusing, particularly when undertaking IVF. Your BUMPFertility Health Check can provide you with the necessary support to pinpoint the issue and work on correcting it.

Managing thyroid problems on your own is difficult. So why not let me do the work for you! My BUMP Health Check assesses & manages infertility, addressing the ROOT CAUSE. Providing the foundation for producing high-quality eggs & sperm it also corrects hormone imbalance & restores fertility. BUMP® is a proven system that works particularly well for those when IVF has failed.

Are You Ready To Deal With The Key Factors You Need To Fix, To Turn Your Dream Of Getting Pregnant Into A Reality?

BUMP® is a proven system that works particularly well for those when IVF has failed.

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