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Hi I'm Adria from Queensland and I hope sharing my journey inspires you to never give up hope. After years of IVF, I couldn't fall pregnant and realized preparing my body for pregnancy was the answer.

After five IVF cycles over five years, now at age 45 I was always feeling negative and thought the odds of successfully conceiving were against me.

My IVF specialist said the quality of my eggs were poor and I was not achieving a healthy implantation. This meant my odds of conceiving and having a successful pregnancy were against me.

But I just couldnít give up. I really wanted a brother or sister for my daughter and thought; Iíll give my body another chance just one more time.

I read an article and saw some advertising in October 2012 for the BUMP® IVF 2nd Opinion Progam. It made sense as it talked about getting my body healthy and baby ready and finding out what's affecting my fertility and lowering my IVF treatment success. I read the other testimonials and decided to call the company. I spoke to the therapist Narelle Stegehuis who was reassuring and suggested I complete the initial review. This would provide a basic indication of what would be needed and what direction to take.

I loved the philosophy behind the BUMP® IVF 2nd Opinion Program. The teams strong dedication to research and raising public awareness while building relationships with health and medical providers showed devotion to discovering what's affecting my fertility and IVF treatment success. They suggested further testing and together we worked closely with my obstetrician and nurse at the Queensland Fertility Group and also my GP (who also offered guidance and counselling) to find a solution.

The BUMP® IVF preparation and treatment support concept made sense. There were other areas of my health like lifestyle influences, high cholesterol, stress, poor digestion and low body weight decreasing my fertility and effecting my IVF treatment. The team at BUMP® provided a broad and extensive selection of health, medical and expert services to improve these. They also showed me research that high cholesterol and adrenal fatigue may impair fertility in couples trying to achieve a pregnancy and guided me to improve these.

I was pretty stressed at the time due to other factors in my life. The BUMP® team also provided support for my adrenals and thyroid and provided guidance for stress management.


After a break from TTC and working continuously with the BUMP® team, I felt more positive and decided it was time to start trying again. I took off for a holiday with my daughter in a caravan and relaxed for a while then decided to give IVF another go while with the support of the BUMP® team. At last success!

prepare for pregnancy naturally

In April 2016 I successfully gave birth to my Baby boy Sene and have decided to continue to work with the team at BUMP® to maintain my general health and potentially try for a third if the timing is right! If I need help with parenting like developmental concerns, I know I can always call my team at BUMP® for help.

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