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Restoring Ovulation With BUMP®

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At BUMP® we understand the importance of creating public awareness behind understanding possible causes of infertility. Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) in many cases is triggered by a number of factors such as bacteria, digestive disturbances, immune imbalance and environmental toxins.

Therefore, successful treatment of POF needs to incorporate a collaborative, broad and extensive health, expert and medical approach that not only addresses the symptoms; but more importantly, gets to the cause.

This is why Tracey from Sydney joined BUMP® IVF 2nd Opinion and her journey is amazing.

Tracey's Story

I was frustrated with the uncertainty of conceiving and wanted a second independant opinion. In fact, sometimes it seemed that I was simply doing cycle after cycle of IVF with no real direction or strategy in place. It felt like a hit and miss approach.

There were so many symptoms that didn't make sense. Like feeling bloated, tired and constant weight gain. I had tried so many things from my local vitamin store, like chaste tree and evening primrose oil, but despite spending over $80 a month on vitamins, nothing seemed to work. In fact, I think it actually made my cycle worse!

My husband and I had been TTC for a number of years and after a series of miscarriages and numerous IVF cycles, we had no success. I had almost given up hope, when I stumbled across the BUMP® program on social media. Listening to their collaborative and thorough approach all of a sudden started to make sense as to why we couldn't conceive. After working with the team at BUMP® I realised that for years I had been masking my POF causes and making it harder to get a correct diagnosis. I have never looked back.

The great news is, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy!

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If you can relate to Tracey's journey, Start BUMP® Fertility Now.