increase fertility naturally

increase fertility naturally

Planning For Pregnancy

Boost Your Chances With BUMP® IVF Preparation Progam

Preparing for pregnancy supports a healthy, baby ready body. Everyone is different and there are many things that you can do to boost your chances of falling pregnant especially if you find it is not happening as quickly as you expect.

The average fertile couple has just a 20% chance of conceiving a healthy baby in any given month of unprotected sexual intercourse.

That's why at BUMP®, we know it's all in the preparation, planning and strength of collaborative health and medical partnerships. Without taking a proactive approach to fertility by identifying and reversing health conditions that influence fertility with a combination of diet, lifestyle and other factors, your fertility may not reach it's full potential.

This is supported by current research findings at the Fertility Society of Australia who understand that "human reproduction is an amazing journey into the remarkable complexity of the gene, the cell, the organ and the person". Therefore a collaborative approach to health and a broad and extensive use of health and medical services to "change the environment around us and our personal habits, including pesticide exposure, smoking, alcohol, weight, stress, caffeine and many other substances" or medical health conditions that impact significantly on the way that human reproduction succeeds or fails is needed.

This was the case with Sophie. Without applying these philosophies, Sophies chances of conceiving were extrememly low

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