100% Money Back Guarantee

My team and I are committed to working with you, during the course of your program to improve your health and fertility. Should you struggle along the way, we will not want to give up on you and you should not give up either. The road to better health can be a bumpy one, but the destination, when reached, can be wonderful.

To prepare your program I spend considerable time getting to know your body's hormonal requirements. I do believe that the programs I create support a healthy hormone balance and therefore reduce the unhealthy symptoms and fertility issues that many of my clients experience.

I am committed to guiding you through your program and believe that good results can be achieved. Should you however be one of the rare few that follow their program and ongoing advice diligently for at least 12 weeks, and still achieve no improvement in your health or hormonal balance, I will gladly refund your consultation fee of $149.

By working together we can achieve results, so I require all my clients to give their program a good go before discussing refunds. Let's not give up before we have even started. I want you to be the one who wins - wins a healthier and happier body!


Program Refund Policy

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Cancellation before program is prepared - As the development of each client's program requires significant input by an approved health care practitioner, refunds for 'change of mind' are only considered if such a request is made by email within 24 hours of completing your Health Review Questionnaire.

Refund requests under any other circumstances will be assessed on a case by case basis. Any offers made by BUMP Fertility in relation to Money Back Guarantees are subject to an evaluation process. To be considered for a refund I first require you to fully apply your program and work closely with my team for at least 12 weeks.

BUMP Fertility expresses the right to deny a refund request based on a patient's poor compliance with their program.