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Clinicians and Collaborative Partners

At BUMP® we use an evidence-based approach collaborative care model that integrates all health, medical and expert lifestyle services. Our BUMP® 2nd Opinion program opens the door to accessing expert advice form leading practitioners and lifestyle experts from accross the globe. Our expert team of dedicated Technical Advisors are available full time to assist in the selection of tests and interpretation of results. Our BUMP® Mind & Body program povides emotional support to assist with grief, loss and ongoing heartbreak associated with ongoing fertility treatment.

Internationally recognised for her work in women's health and fertility, leading clinician Narelle Stegehuis MHSc, Gdip.HSc, is one of Australia's most establish and recognised collaborative fertility experts. A member of the Fertility Society of Australia and ACCESS (Austalia's largest National Infertility Network), her dedication to fertility preparation and integrated approach to health spans almost two decades.

Professional relationships with Intenationally recognised health, medical and expert lifestyle providers from Centers of excellence such as the expert team at the Centre for Human Reproduction in the U.S.A and John Hopkins Centre, ensures her patients receive access to the most up to date and effective care and guidance.

Relationships with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) provides access to the most up to date research on horticulture, environment, animals and plants linked to health and fertility.

Finally, professional relationships with VIRTUS Diagnostics (part of the Virtus Australian Fertility and IVF clinics) ensures you have access to the most advanced fertility testing and services. They offer a complete range of general pathology services as well as specialist fertility and genetic testing in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Collaborative partnership with VIRTUS means your tests, results and iterpretation are accessible by your VIRTUS group assisted fertility provider.

With over 200 scientists, including many that are internationally renowned experts in their field, conducting pioneering research to provide solutions for womenís and menís health, you can be assured that you are accessing world class diagnostic services when you join BUMP®.