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increase fertility naturally

increase fertility naturally

Luteal Phase Defect

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The luteal phase of the menstrual cycle spans from ovulation at mid-cycle until menstruation. The luteal phase should last for at least 12 to 14 days. A luteal phase which is less than 10 days will have difficulty producing an environment favorable for implantation.

A luteal phase defect is generally considered the result of an insufficiency of progesterone production. However, although this is a major aspect of this dysfunction; it's not that simple.

Luteal phase defect also includes a definition that the events signaling endometrial development are out of sync with the rest of the hormonal cycle, and the uterine lining actually lags behind the hormonal queues. Therefore if an egg was released and fertilized, the blastocyst would find the endometrium unreceptive for implantation, and it would pass on through undetected.

For example, if the corpus luteum is not producing adequate quantities of progesterone, or if the uterine lining is not properly prepared for the role of progesterone, spotting may occur, the basal body temperature may drop, or the period may come early.

However, we view this process beyond what is happening in the immediate luteal phase. The other phases need to be in harmony.

Progesterone supplements or use of the herbs Angelica may be useful, to stimulate progesterone, however dietary modifications and herbs such as Ginseng, Dioscoreae, and Astragalus; may produce a more favorable affect.

Decreasing coffee, getting enough sleep, eating fertility friendly foods to suit your fertility profile and beneficial herbs like Rhizoma Cimicifugae and False Unicorn root and Wild Yam help to moderate menstruation, and improve progesterone production.

There are many complex and interrelational endocrine factors that affect the luteal phase. If there is not enough estrogen to prepare the cervix, trigger ovulation, or thicken the endometrium for implantation fertility challenges will be evident.