About the BUMP® Program

BUMP® applys an integrated and collaborative approach to fertility. We pride ourselves on raising consumer awareness with regards to fertility, pregnancy and health. We do this through media releases, public forum participation, social media platforms, individual consultation and corporate health programs. Our patient centered approach is important to the success of our program which is why we help you choose the right path to conception a 100 % natural approach, a medical approach or an integrated combination of approaches.

For starters we don't believe in 'quick and fast' fertility treatments. We believe in sustainable fertility based on informed choice. This is why we value investing in starting your treatment by finding out what's affecting your fertility. We do this by providing specialised health and medical screening, pathology testing, expert lifestyle advice and access to an extensive range of TGA approved health and medical products and expert services needed while assisting you throughout and beyond your health and fertility journey.

We offer broad and extensive health and medical services to patients ranging from General Health Screening and Lifestyle guidance to Conception Preparation and fertility specialist advice and services such as (Assisted Reproductive Services eg FET, IVF with ICSI, Standard IVF) through our BUMP® Second Opinion Program. When you join our program, you give yourself the best possible chance of improving your health and conceiving when you are ready. You also access expert health and medical services and advice to maintain your health after baby and beyond.

What will the BUMP® Program do for you?

  • Identify your fertility needs and assess what's affecting your fertility, general health and poor IVF success through specialised health and medical screening combined with expert pathology lab analysis.
  • Teach you how to manage your general health and fertility and provide broad and extensive expert lifestyle, health and medical guidance and support to reverse underlying medical conditions and health concerns.
  • Guide you to understand what your fertility status is, and what the implications are so you can make an informed choice with our up to date research, BUMP® Second Opinion Program and BUMP® IVF preparation program.
  • Provide you with a new way to address your general health and fertility and evaluate your current fertility treatment plan (IVF, artificial insemination services etc). We help you set realistic goals and expectations.
  • Help you understand what your fertility needs are and propose a fertility treatment plan that best suits you. We collaborate with your fertility service provider.
  • Support you throughout your pregnancy and early days of parenting your BUMP® baby.

4 Easy Steps to Falling Pregnant Faster - Guaranteed!

Step 1 - Complete the online questionaire and provide copies of your reports from scans, specialist/doctor reports, pathology reports, medical prescriptions, a list of all medicines and natural supplements taken.

Step 2 - Make your payment of $149 and set up your personal login details. This assessment fee is rebateable from most health insurance funds. Payment options include credit card, cheque, money order or direct transfer.

Step 3 - A expert professional will assess your questionnaire (and information supplied) and provide a second opinion. They will also recommend health and medical services, testing or other allied health support services such as complementary therapies, lifestyle, dietary and nutritional support. When needed, they will involve experts from other fields of knowledge to ensure you receive the best possible advice and get to the cause of what's affecting your fertility. These can be delivered via telemedicine services.