About the BUMP® Program

BUMP® applys an integrated and collaborative mind body approach to fertility. We pride ourselves on raising consumer awareness with regards to fertility, pregnancy and health. We do this through media releases, public forum participation, social media platforms, individual consultation and corporate health programs. Our patient centered approach is important to the success of our program which is why we help you choose the right path to conception a 100 % natural approach, a medical approach or an integrated combination of approaches.

For starters we don't believe in 'quick and fast' fertility treatments. We believe in sustainable fertility based on informed choice that finds out what's affecting your fertility. We do this by providing specialised health and medical screening, pathology testing, expert lifestyle advice and access to an extensive range of TGA approved health and medical products and expert services needed while assisting you throughout and beyond your health and fertility journey. We know that TTC is challenging which is why we integrate emotional support with BUMP® Mind & Body.

We recognize the importance of thorough assessment and support throughout your journey. We offer two programs:

1.BUMP 2nd OPINION $149 (includes assessment, unlimited phone support and follow up sessions*)

  • Assess what's affecting your fertility
  • Identify underlying hidden causes using pathology lab analysis
  • Teach you how to maximize fertility with diet, lifestyle, nutrition and therapeutic herbs
  • Guide you to understand your fertility status so you can make an informed choice
  • Provide you with a new way to address your general health and fertility
  • *optional pathology testing and nutritional supplements not included

2.BUMP MIND BODY $1,490 (10 x 1.5 hour in clinic sessions)

Once you have completed your online $149 2nd OPINION Assessment, you are welcome to enrol and attend our highly effective 10 week intensive BUMP MIND BODY program held by appointment at our consulting rooms in Melbourne.

Our highly effective 10-week intensive mind body program:

  • Stimulates imagination and creativity
  • Allows you to express emotions that are difficult to share
  • Decreases rates of depression and anxiety
  • Reestablishes a sense of self and control in your life
  • Develops coping skills for interacting with families, friends, partners
  • Builds an understanding of the stress response and its impact on the body
  • Increases a calm mind and the body allowing you to heal
  • Reduces feelings of isolation, anxiety, guilt and anger
  • Improves negative lifestyle habits which affect infertility
  • Rebuilds self-esteem and self-worth
  • Reduces overwhelming negative thinking

4 Easy Steps to Falling Pregnant Faster - Guaranteed!

Step 1 - Complete the online questionaire and provide copies of your reports from scans, specialist/doctor reports, pathology reports, medical prescriptions, a list of all medicines and natural supplements taken.

Step 2 - Make your payment of $149 and set up your personal login details. Payment options include credit card, cheque, money order or direct transfer.

prepare for pregnancy naturally

Step 3 - A professional expert will assess your questionnaire (and information supplied) and provide a second opinion. They will also recommend health and medical services, testing or other allied health support services such as complementary therapies, lifestyle, dietary and nutritional support. When needed, they will involve experts from other fields of knowledge to ensure you receive the best possible advice and get to the cause of what's affecting your fertility.

Step 4 - Discuss BUMP Mind Body Program with your BUMP therapist.