Get Pregnant after 40 - fertility coping tips

fall pregnant after 40

At BUMP® Fertility we believe that the most important factor in preparing for pregnancy at any age is to stay as healthy as possible. However if you plan to fall pregnant at 40 or older, it is true that you may have a few more challenges ahead of you than a woman below 35 years old would, such as:

  • A higher likelihood of having pre-existing medical conditions that may lower your fertility
  • A more challenging time conceiving naturally
  • A higher possibility of miscarriage
  • A greater risk of having a child with chromosomal abnormalities
  • A greater risk of complications during delivery

Despite this, the odds are still in favour of a healthy pregnancy at 40 years of age as long as you keep healthy and get appropriate care. Understanding what you can do to improve your pre conceptive health and reduce your risks will help you give yourself the best chances of pregnancy over 40 with a healthy child.

Pregnancy at 40 – what to do first

When considering pregnancy at 40 years old, the best place to start is with a BUMP® 2nd Opinion Assessment. This will help provide expert health and medical advice, provide a selction of medical services and outline dietary guidance, nutritional recommendations and herbal support to combat areas that may be decreasing your chances of conceiving either naturally or with IVF.