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fall pregnant naturally

Hi, I'm Karina of Melbourne, Victoria. I needed to know how to improve my health and find out what was affecting my fertility. Into my 30's I was concerned that we had been trying to conceive for about 9 months with no luck. My GP was fantastic and helpful but recommended that I just keep trying for a little longer before we tried IVF.

I had read about pre-conception health and own several books on the subject. Both my partner and I had "fertility friendly diets" but we just couldn't make it happen. We needed to regain control and put things into perspective

Ovulation and my cycle had never been regular and felt that each month of trying was hit and miss. Time was ticking away and I needed a solution.

In Oct 2009, I started with the BUMP® 2nd Opinion Program after reading about it in a magazine. I loved their philosopy and approach as it made sense. To have a healthy pregnancy, I needed to be healthy. The team expert at BUMP® called me to discuss my health and provided a second opinion. They referred me for further Lab testing and analysis for PCOS. I had the tests as well as an ultrasound and they all came back positive. The BUMP® team recommended I take these back to my GP for her opinion and she confirmed it was correct. What was more important was that the team at BUMP® wanted to find out why I had developed PCOS and did further screening which looked at lifestyle, environmental and digestive factors.

So finally I had an answer as to why my ovulation and periods were irregular AND the team of experts at BUMP® provided a solution.


We went on holidays in February and my friends were asking me how our baby making was going, I moaned "Oh, my cycle is late again, my breasts are so sore, I just need to get regular so I can fall pregnant".

Little did I know I was already pregnant! I did about 4 tests in a row when I returned from holidays - I couldn't believe it was real!

The hardest part was not telling our family and friends for 12 weeks; only the GP, the BUMP® team and my yoga teacher knew. We decided to wait the 12 weeks, as we were not sure if I would miscarry. But all was good!

prepare for pregnancy naturally

My daughter Sophia is a happy, very curious and strong little girl and I still feel happy, healthy and know that you will increase your odds on BUMP®!

I love reading BUMP® articles and listening to their public voice. It is important to raise community awareness about pregnancy, fertility and health and this is a strong element of their brand identity. I have been using the services offerd by the BUMP® team consistently for the last 6 years when I need a second opinion to maintain my health and my daughters and have never looked back.

If you can relate to Karina's journey, Start BUMP® Fertility Now.