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At BUMP® we believe in building, educating and creating awareness within the community and individuals about wellness and health. We explore ways to invest in protecting your fertility even before you decide to conceive and also your babies health in the future. Our BUMP® 2nd Opinion Program is based on preparation, planning and a strong partnership between ethical and sustainable services. We know that fertility success relies on a combination of education, awareness and collaborative team work. Our unique approach ensures good health before, during and after pregnancy. We are about total health and wellness.

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At BUMP® we know that a healthy body is a more fertile body. Research highlights that getting to the cause of what's affecting your fertility and applying an integrated approach while working with the best fertility provider for you, will increase your chance of a successful IVF treatment cycle and also reduce the risk of health and medical conditions post pregnancy and beyond. By choosing to use our BUMP® 2nd Opinion Program, you dramatically increase your odds of falling pregnant and maintaining a successful pregnancy. It is this collaborative and integrated patient centered approach that makes us so unique

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Get Set

Make the right changes to secure your BUMPs future. Getting things right takes expertise, guidance and little help from mother nature. According to the CSIRO, "human, animal and the ecosystem are inextricably linked" and we agree. This is why we don't believe in just one approach to fertility or countless cycles of unsuccessful IVF treatments. We know, that failed IVF cycles can provide clues for a successful next IVF treatment and we work with your IVF provider to support a healthy, viable pregnancy BUMP.

We unite an array of health, medical, financial and expert services to ensure you receive the right assistance to give your body the best possible chance at a successful cycle of IVF. We understand that an unsuccessful IVF cycle, after all the preparations it takes, is often emotionally and financially devastating.

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Go - Your Body is Healthy and BUMP® 'Baby Ready'!

Integrated fertility treatment plans, expert screening and a broad and extensive range of expert health and medical services, ensure a supportive patient centered approach and that you are baby ready.

Members of the Fertility Society of Australia and Access (Australia's National Infertility Network) we have helped so many patients over the years to conceive, despite long histories of unsuccessful fertility treatments. If you have experienced multiple failed IVF cycles, before you give up hope, consider contacting BUMP® for a 2nd Opinion.

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