prepare for pregnancy naturally

prepare for pregnancy naturally

Is Your Body 'Bump' Ready?

Develop a Fertile Body, Mind & Soul

At BUMP®, we help you get pregnant faster through targeting the health of your mind, body, and soul. We know trying to conceive is a time when your entire world feels out of control.

We understand infertility and failed IVF cycles are emotionally devastating and it’s easy to become consumed by trying to have a baby. This leaves you feeling stressed, anxious, isolated and out of control.

The great news is I am so happy you are here; and I’m 100% with you to get things back on track.

At BUMP® we don't believe in just one approach to improving fertility like IVF, or diet and lifestyle alone. We know targeting the health of your body, mind and soul with one on one fertility coaching, brings the best results.


A healthy body is a more fertile body. Improving fertility wellness through targeted pathology testing, natural therapeutic support, dietary changes, exercise, lifestyle and improvements in your environment all influence fertility wellness.


Restoring psychological wellness through calmness, positivity and mindfulness reduces feelings of anxiety, stress and brings back a sense of control. Did you know emotions and stress cause infertility? Research from around the world shows, stress levels before undergoing a IVF cycle can affect the success of your treatment and are a major contributor to the reason why patients give up treatment.


The truth is, “fertility success story,” is not my favorite phrase. Why not? Because it implies that you could also be a “fertility failure story.” At BUMP® we believe there is no such thing as failure and developing a fertile heart is just as important as eating right and ovulating regularly!

The Answer Is simple...

Rediscover balance, restoration and deeper healing with BUMP®. We know, that by getting to the cause of what's affecting your fertility and applying a three step healing approach, you will increase your chance of a successful pregnancy by up to 76%


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By choosing my BUMP® 2nd Opinion and BUMP®Mind & Body programs, you dramatically increase your odds of conceiving and maintaining a successful pregnancy.

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A member of the Fertility Society of Australia, my mind body approach is supported by evidence to dramatically improve fertility, so you can get pregnant fast.

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