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Do you feel your relationship is starting to suffer? Are you feeling stressed , anxious, isolated and lonely or avoiding social events? Are you over 40 experiencing recurrent miscarriages and thinking that it’s a race against time and you will never conceive? Perhaps you are spending hours on your own searching the internet for answers?

At BUMP® we don't believe in just one approach to fertility or countless cycles of unsuccessful IVF treatments. We know failed conception attempts and IVF cycles, although stressful; provide clues for a successful pregnancy.

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We also know while trying to conceive, it is important to thoroughly assess factors contributing to lowered fertility or poor IVF outcomes. At BUMP® we know that a healthy body is a more fertile body. Getting to the cause of what's affecting your fertility and applying an integrated approach while working with the best fertility provider for you, will increase your chance of a successful IVF treatment cycle.

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By choosing our BUMP® 2nd Opinion and BUMP® Mind & Body programs, you dramatically increase your odds of conceiving and maintaining a successful pregnancy.

For example, did you know emotions and stress affect reproductive function? Research from around the world has shown that stress levels before undergoing a cycle may affect the success of your treatment and are a major contributor to the reason why patients give up treatment.

Our program gives you the tools to address your levels of stress and negative emotions such as shame, lonliness, hurt and deep sadness; along with teaching you evidence based interventions to improve your wellbeing and in turn increase your chances of having a baby.

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prepare for pregnancy naturally

Members of the Fertility Society of Australia, our natural fertility treatment plans and mind body approach is supported by evidence to dramatically improve fertility, so you can get pregnant fast.

If you have experienced multiple failed IVF cycles, before you give up hope, contact BUMP® for a 2nd Opinion. As professional therapists, we provide opportunities to support and guide you to gain insight and meaning. We empower you to live the best life you can while trying to conceive. We teach YOU the tools you need to take control of your health, emotional wellbeing and ultimately your fertility.

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