prepare for pregnancy naturally

Is Your Body 'Bump' Ready?

Develop a Fertile Body, Mind & Soul

At BUMP®, we understand the challenges of infertility and why IVF cycles can fail.

We also understand the journey to conceive is emotionally devastating and acknowledge how feeling stressed, anxious and isolated can leave you feeling unwell and exhausted.

The great news is I am so happy you are here! A professional member of the Fertility Society of Australia and natural fertility expert, I’m 100% with you to get things back on track.

At BUMP® we believe a failed IVF cycle provides clues as to how to improve your health and dramatically increase your odds of a successful healthy pregnancy.

We believe success lies within knowledge and this is why we provide information, resources and coaching to ensure you learn how you can target the health of your body, mind and soul.

Fertile Body

A healthy body is a more fertile body. To improve fertility wellness, you need to get to the cause of why you can’t conceive. This requires expert functional pathology testing, professional guidance and ongoing individual support.

Fertile Mind

prepare for pregnancy naturally

Emotional stress and trauma is often overlooked in infertility treatment. However research shows managing stress levels before undergoing an IVF cycle can significantly improve the chances of a successful cycle. This is where we differ from traditional treatment models in that we take a more holistic approach to biological and emotional aspects to conception.

Fertile Soul

Restoring faith in your ability to conceive is the first step towards a successful pregnancy. Restoring wellness creates the right foundations for continuing on your fertility journey. With the right professional support, optimal nutrition, botanical medicine and individualized diet and lifestyle changes, you will dramatically increase your odds of a successful, healthy pregnancy.

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